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Welcome to Pers n Medow Cattery.
We specialize in bi-colors, solids and some Himalayans as well as shaded silvers. We are a CFA registered Persian cat breeder located in Oregon and we strive for their standards.
Persnmedow Healing Reiki and Gem Elixirs for people, pets and plants.

     We are a Persian Cat Breeder located in Medford, Oregon.
Vicki and Tammy Graves are a mother and daughter team. Tammy helps out a lot, she has such a keen sense for business and genetics. My son Matthew also helps out tremendously with his handyman skills. I work some at an intermediate school as I love children as well as kittens. Pers-n-Medow is USDA licensed, which entails frequent inspections. We are a fairly large cattery compared to some, all kittens are gentle and sweet with quality ranging from pet to breeder and occassionally show. My kitties are vaccinated on a regular schedule. They are handled and loved by all. Kittens are also bathed and groomed on a weekly basis, so bath time in their new homes should not be a stressful time.

Persian Kitten Empire
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